Larry Braniff

Larry is a certified instructor through the International Traditional Sun Tai Chi Association (ISTA) He trained and received his certification through Dr.Jacques Moramarco who is a Traditional Sun disciple through Master Sun Shurong (grand daughter of Sun Lutang).
Larry also teaches traditional Yang Style; the Yang 108 long form, Yang 24 form and Cheng Man Ching 37 form and Yang Tuishou/push hands. The majority of Larry's Yang training has been with Laoshi Art Baner. Larry has also studied the Yang style (24 Form) with Professor Yan Ling Gong and Dr. Paul Lam
Larry continues his studies with:
Laoshi Art Baner:  Yang style, Tuishou/DaLu/88 Sanshou and Yang Sabre;
Sifu Andy Dale: Sun and Chen Ting Hua BaguaZhang, Sun Sanshou, Bagua Jian (straight sword) , Roushou, Bagua Qin na and AikiJo
Larry has also studied Xin Yi Liu He Quan with Bob Lau

KARATE: Sensei Larry also holds black belts in Butokukan and Shito-Ryu karate and has over 50 years of experience in Japanese karate. Sensei Larry continues his Karate training in the Butokukan Style with Sensei Dave Card, Roku dan (6th degree)



  • North Cascades Tai Chi is a school that features Traditional Sun and Yang Styles of Taijiquan (Tai Chi).
  • In Sun Style the primary form taught is the Traditional 98 form. Students may learn the Sun 35 short form after completion of the 98 form. The short form we do was created by Master Sun Wan Rong, granddaughter of Sun Lutang (younger sister of Master Sun Shu Rong).
  • The Yang 108 form is the foundation of the Yang Style. The 5 section Yang short form by Sam Masich is used as an introduction to the Yang style. The Cheng Man Ching 37 short form may be taught to students who complete the 108 long form.
  • Sun style tai chi is the youngest of the 5 major styles of Tai Chi. It is known for it's lively stepping with follow steps and "kai he" (open/close) qi qoing throughout the form. It is sometimes referred to as the quick step/open close style.
  • The five major styles of Tai Chi from oldest to youngest are: Chen; Yang; Wu (pronounced like woo); Wu/Hao(pronounced like woo-oo) and Sun. All are part of the Chinese internal martial arts family which also includes but are not limited to; Xing Yi, Xin Yi and Bagua Zhang.
  • The founder of the Sun style, Sun Lutang was a skilled martial artist in the internal kung fu styles of Xing Yi Quan and Bagua Zhang. These two internal systems strongly influenced Sun Lutang's development of the Sun style of Taijiquan. The Wu/Hao system of Taijiquan also greatly influenced Sun's Taijiquan. Sun learned the Wu/Hao system of Taiji directly from Master Hao. It was in Master Sun Lutang's later years that he developed his style of Taijiquan. Sun Lutang taught his son, Sun Cunzhou these skills as well as his granddaughter Sun Shurong (Cunzhou's daughter). Master Sun Lutang also taught other students including his well known daughter Sun Jian Yun. The Traditional Sun style that is taught at North Cascades Tai Chi is a direct result of Larry's learning from Dr. Jacques Moramarco who learned the style personally and was made a Sun Family Disciple by Grand Master Sun Shurong in China.


A brief Lineage History of Sun Style

Yang Style  is the second oldest and most popular of the 5 major styles. It was created by Yang Luchan after he had learned the Chen Style. It does not use follow steps like the Sun Style but uses primarily what are called "horse and bow" stances. Yang style has a long and complex history. :)

Fees: Adults: $50/mo
        Seniors:(65+), $40/mo
        Couples: $65
        Drop ins: $10  
         Over 80, FREE!

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