Larry Braniff

Larry Braniff: The following people are Instructors who Larry has studied with.

  • Dr. Jacques Moramarco - Sun Style Traditional 98 Form
  • Laoshi Art Baner - Yang Style; 108, tuishou, 88 Sanshou etc ongoing
  • Sifu Andy Dale - Sun Style; BaguaZhang, Sanshou, Roushou etc ongoing
  • Bob Lau - Xin Yi ; Chen & Yang Tai Chi
  • Grand Master William CC Chen - Yang; Weekend workshop on structure and martial arts aspects of Yang style
  • Dr. Paul Lam - Yang 24, Tai Chi for Energy, Tai Chi for Diabetes, Tai Chi for Arthritis
  • Yonling Gong of China - Yang 24


Sun Style Lineage

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